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Date:2021-08-23 / Modified:2021-08-23


History, Objectives, and Activities

This Group was originally established as the Japanese Modern and Contemporary Drama Working Group in 1990 (renamed the Modern and Contemporary Theatre Working Group in 1998). The name was changed to the current one, showing that the group’s activities covered broader areas of theatre. Theater researchers from the Kansai region form a major component of this group. They make presentations and have discussions on a variety of themes, including European theatre, Asian theatre, theatre theories, ballet, opera, dance, other performing arts, movies, theatre education, and theatre policies. Not only do they address historical matters, but also they incorporate the latest achievements of theatre studies. The group holds five regular study meetings every year, and two members make presentations at each one. Part of their study achievements are published on the group’s bulletin. Among their activities, the group plans to publish annals exclusively for their study achievements, hold symposia, and invite foreign scholars of theatre. The group aims to further promote theatre studies in the Kansai region through these future activities.

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The Executive Office of Modern and Contemporary Theatre Working Group
Theatre Studies Section, Graduate School of Osaka University,
1-5, Machikaneyama-cho, Toyonaka, Osaka  zip-code 560-8532
Tel:06-6850-6111 Extension: 2176/2177