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EJ-JSTR 投稿規定(英文)

公開日:2021-09-04 / 更新日:2021-09-04


Submission Rules for EJ-JSTR

1- A member of JSTR (Japanese Society for Theatre Research) can submit a paper to
English Journal of JSTR (EJ-JSTR)

2- The submitted paper must not be one that has been published in English.

3- The submitted paper cannot exceed in principle 6,000 words, including notes.

4- The submission should be made via an electronic file using the appropriate electronic
media, including e-mail. For details, see the Paper Submission Guidelines.

5- Acceptance of the submitted paper will be subject to the decision of the EJ-JSTR
editorial board. The board is composed of three editors appointed by the executive
board of JSTR (one of whom acts as a chief editor) and three editors appointed by the
chief editor.

6- The editorial board will select two peer reviewers for a submitted paper. Acceptance
of the submitted paper will be made following the peer reviewer’s comments, including
suggestions for revising the paper.

7- Correction proofs of the accepted paper must be made once for all corrections.

8- The author of the accepted paper should allow JSTR to publish his or her paper on
the Internet.

9- The publishing rights of the submitted paper belong to JSTR. The author must contact
JSTR beforehand in the event that he or she would like to reprint the paper in other